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During the years of independence number of high-qualified experts have increased in Kazakhstan in different sectors, having managerial and technical experience in Kazakhstan and abroad.

A team of like-minded leaders in various fields has joined together to implement the ambitious idea of establishing oil & gas service company of international standards with a wide range of work on:
• Protection, minimization and prevention of corrosion by training of personnel and providing service
• Rendering engineering services in specific branches (EPS)
• Complex delivery of the industrial equipment

Services for oil & gas sector companies

Coating Application
Insulating and functional coatings
Painting, insulation and protective coating works, including pipes and bends

Electrochemical protection, minimization and assessment of corrosion

Digital Twin
Laser scanning and Digital Twin
3D-design and modeling
Municipal solid & hazardous waste management

• Integrated management system of municipal solid waste: export of MSW, garbage sorting with further processing

• Management of hazardous waste: drill cuttings and oil waste

• Delivery of the specialized equipment in the sphere of MSW

Professional trainings and services in the sphere of anticorrosion protection, corrosion assessment and inspection taking into account risk factors (RBI)
We provide various services and specialized training courses, which are protected by RK copyright in the Ministry of Justice, for experts in the sphere of anticorrosion protection

1. Basics of corrosion in oil and gas sector
2. Basics of electrochemical protection

1. Audit in the field of electrochemical and anticorrosion protection
2. Corrosion assessment and inspection taking into account risk factors (RBI)
3. Investigation of failures of the production equipment, the pipelines and vessels connected with corrosion
4. Carrying out electrometric researches on pipelines for assessment of integrity of sheeting and assessment of ECP efficiency means
5. Carrying out special electrometric researches leaning on western standards

Protective coating and anticorrosive solutions of Tikkurila
Our company is a partner of the first plant in Kazakhstan on release of paint and varnish production of the Finnish concern Tikkurila. We deliver industrial and decorative paints
Long-term successful
Innovative modern
Durability and
Industrial paint from
1. Functional and decorative systems of coverings for
— Metal constructions and designs
— Concrete floors
— Wood surfaces
Wide range of solutions
Begins from traditional inexpensive systems, to modern single-layer decisions
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Office: Astana, Dostyk st. 20,
BC «Saint-Petersburg», office 1602

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